Get the right treatment for your cancer, right now.

Parents hand with child holding their fingerWhen you or your loved one is faced with a cancer diagnosis, it can feel overwhelming. So many questions come to mind: How can I get the best care? What are my treatment options?

High touch, high competence.

“We strive to bring the best medical solution by treating the patient, not just the disease.”

Your doctor is there for you personally, every step of the journey. Your doctor is involved throughout you and/or your loved one’s cancer treatment, to make sure it is going smoothly. Our providers offer the highest quality of care while maintaining a level of professionalism that serves to empower our patients. Every person we treat feels cared for and respected. This unique high-touch, personalized approach to cancer care results in a more compassionate, less stressful experience and better medical outcomes.

Our medical oncologists are trained experts in clinical drug development and new strategies for cancer. Depending on the phase of the individual’s disease, we help patients get access to new novel therapies and protocols not otherwise available, through our vast partner and health systems network.

Nashville Oncology Associates offer a wide range of comprehensive cancer services to our patients, including advanced technological options, premier clinical expertise, and access to cutting edge clinical trials. We act as your quarterback and advocate to orchestrate the best treatment and regimen for non-pediatric soft tissue cancers. Our medical oncologists are also consulted for unique pre- and post-cancer surgery cases requiring multiple or targeted therapies. 

Medical oncology is typically used with other modalities such as surgery and radiation therapy, and can consist of one or a combination of the following treatments: 

  • Chemotherapy – Administered through pills, infusion into a vein or injection into soft tissue, chemotherapy uses medications to fight cancer throughout the body. Chemotherapy affects all rapidly dividing cells in the body–healthy and cancerous. Fortunately, the cancer cell’s faulty DNA hinders its recoverability as compared to normal cells. By administering chemotherapy in cycles, we give your healthy cells time to recover between sessions, wearing your cancer down over time. Your medical oncologist will tailor a treatment regimen that optimizes the cancer-fighting effects and reduces side effects. 
  • Targeted therapy – Cancer is chronically trying to outsmart us, so we go beyond generic cancer protocols with treatments our patients would not otherwise have access to. With genetic and molecular profile paneling, we can get information that personalizes your particular cancer to what it’s most sensitive to, and what it would be more effectively treated with.  
  • Immunotherapy – By hyper-stimulating the patient’s own immune system’s PD-1 (programmed cell death protein 1) the body can fight off the cancer. It unmasks the tumor and allows the immune system to become hypervigilant, attacking only the mutated cells. Used in combination with other therapies, the individual tends to have less cytotoxicity for an easier, gentler—but equally effective—modality.
  • Hematological treatment – Administered either orally or intravenously (through an IV), blood diseases and cancers often require ongoing care.  Our oncology team provides you or your loved one with a comfortable environment and services that would typically require a hospital, such as transfusions. 

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